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Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist Program

Featured Artist: Mitra Hoop        Photo by Julia Rainhert


Congratulations! We would like to welcome you to the Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist team.

Here are more details about the Sponsored Artist Program.



The Faces of Astral Hoops

You are the best and brightest in our community and we would like to help further your passion for the flow arts and professional career.  For this reason, we would proudly use all of the promotional tools at our disposal to feature your talent!  The image you have submitted and any content you would like to share with us will be featured not only on our website, but across our social channels and in promotional campaigns.


Professional Bio on

Your personal bio and media submitted through your application will be included on our website as part of the Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist Team page on  We'll include photos, your personal biography, professional background, links to your social channels and professional websites and any other information you would like to share with our community through your profile.


You'll also be featured on Astral Hoops product pages and all across our website. We want the world to know that top flow artists use our products. What better way to showcase our stellar team than directly to each and every person who visits our website! Every time our community shops for new Astral Hoops gear, they'll see our team in action.


ACTION ITEM: If you have more photos and featured video content, please share it with us.  We would like to create a full photo and video gallery that showcases your talent.  You would need to have rights to use this media and would allow Astral Hoops to share this content on social media, our website or in promotions.  


Highlights on Astral Hoops Social Network

Be seen throughout our broad social media network! We would like to share your videos, promotional material, event calendar, and any other information you would like to share with our network.  Let us get the word out about your upcoming workshops, share your latest photo shoot, highlight your flow videos and tutorials, and any posts of you rocking your Astrals. You'll also appear as a featured artist in Astral Hoops promotions across our social channels.  


Tag us (@astralhoops) and use #Astralhoopssponsoredartist on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to allow us to share your content, announcements and event.  By using the #Astralhoopssponsoredartist tag you agree to allow us to use the tagged content on our social media, emailed newsletter, website, and in promotional content.


We recommend using these hash tags in your posts as well. Using these tags will feed your Instagram posts onto


General Tags: #astralhoops #ledhoop #ledhooping #ledsmarthoop #astralhoopssponsoredartist

Product specific tags: #astralclassic #astralaf #astralwand #astraltwilight #astralstarlight


Credit for Astral Hoops Products

Twice each year you will receive credit for the latest generation Astral Hoops Brand Products.

Every 6 months, we'll check in on your progress and you'll earn $200 more in Astral Hoops credit if you've been meeting the participation requirements.  


In addition to the twice-yearly credit, there's opportunity to earn additional credit. We want to recognize artists that go above and beyond to help spread the word about Astral Hoops. We invite you to get creative! In years past, Top Ambassadors have created videos, offered pro-quality photos, other media, event participation, performance and other types of promotion to earn additional credit. We are excited to reward your passion and ingenuity! You can email us at at any time to let us know how you have been promoting Astral Hoops.


Sponsored Artist Ambassadorship

As an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist, you can still take advantage of our Ambassador affiliate program. Give out your affiliate link to earn additional Astral gear through purchases made by your fans, friends, following, and flowmies.

Advanced Astral Hoops Service

We want to keep your Astral Hoops products in tip-top shape with a service program designed specifically for our Astral Hoops Sponsored Artists. You'll receive a10% discount on any paid services. As an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist, you'll also receive priority rush processing on all of your services.



Rock your Astrals

As a prominent member of the flow community, we know that you dedicate countless hours to practice, performance and production! The ideal Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist loves to spend these hours with their Astral.  Whether performing, rocking a dance floor, or frolicking at a festival, your Astral is by your side. 


Post Regularly to Social Media

We've always believed that the best promotion is by word of mouth! As an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist, you are the most valuable members of our team because you connect with our community in so many ways. We ask our team to post regularly on their social channels, in their blog posts, through review sites and community forums.  

We would ask that you use your products and mention us in 1-2 posts each week on Facebook and/or Instagram. 



Help Spread the Word About Sales and Special Announcements

When we post an announcement to social media, such as the release of a new product or a sale, help us to spread the word by interacting with our post and sharing it to your followers. Sharing our posts and optionally including your Ambassador link is one of the best ways to rack up extra Ambassador credit!


We recommend adjusting your follow setting on Facebook so you'll be sure to see our posts.



Contribute Pictures and Video

We love sharing amazing pictures of our Sponsored Artists using Astral products. Pictures you allow us to share may be used on, Facebook, Instagram, emailed newsletters, online advertisements, and on printed media. It's always your choice what you allow us to use. Please ensure that you have rights to allow us to use the pictures and videos you share with us from the photographer. To give us permission to use pictures and videos you post to social media, include the tag #astralsponsoredartist. If you have other pictures or video content you'd like to share with us, contact us at and we'll setup a shared location you can upload to.


We do professional photo shoots! If you live in the Denver area or plan to visit and would like to do a photo shoot, let us know.


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