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Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist Program

Featured Artist: Mitra Hoop        Photo by Julia Rainhert


We're excited to have the opportunity to assemble a stunning group of leaders in the flow arts community. We would like to invite you to become a part of our family as an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist! Let us help you grow as individual artists through your support of Astral Hoops with awesome benefits. Applications are now closed.  Thank you for applying! 


The Faces of Astral Hoops

You are the best and brightest in our community and we would like to help further your passion for the flow arts and professional career.  For this reason, we would proudly use all of the promotional tools at our disposal to feature your talent! You will be featured not only on our website, but across our social channels and in promotional campaigns. 

Professional Bio on

Your personal bio and photos will be included on our website as part of the Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist Team page on!  We'll include photos, your personal biography, professional background, links to your social channels and professional websites and any other information you would like to share with our community through your profile.

Your Sponsored Artist profile will also feature your favorite flow and performance videos as well as a big, beautiful artist photo gallery. Here you can showcase all your facets of flow using any and all of your props.     

You'll also be featured on Astral Hoops product pages and all across our website. We want the world to know that top flow artists use our products. What better way to showcase our stellar team than directly to each and every person who visits our website! Everytime our community shops for new Astral Hoops gear, they will see our team in action.

Highlights on Astral Hoops Social Network

Be seen throughout our broad social media network! Each month we'll highlight our team and share details about our all-star Astral Hoops Artists.  In addition to this, we would like to share your videos, promotional material, event calendar, and any other information you would like to share with our network.  Let us get the word out about your upcoming workshops, share your latest photoshoot, highlight your flow videos and tutorials, and any posts of you rocking your Astrals. You will also appear as a featured artist in Astral Hoops promotions across our social channels.  

Credit for Astral Hoops Products

Twice each year you will receive credit for the latest generation Astral Hoops Brand Products.  We want you to be outfitted with the latest Astral Hoops flow tools to use for your performances, videos, and to share with your flow community. You'll also receive a promo package with marketing materials, Astral leggings, and other fun swag!

In addition to the twice-yearly credit, there will be tons of opportunities to earn additional credit. We want to recognize artists that go above and beyond to help spread the word about Astral Hoops. We invite you to get creative! In years past, Top Ambassadors have created videos, offered pro-quality photos, other media, event participation, performance and other types of promotion to earn additional credit. We are excited to reward your passion and ingenuity!

Sponsored Artist Ambassadorship

As an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist, you can still take advantage of our Ambassador affiliate program. Give out your affiliate link to earn additional Astral gear through purchases made by your fans, friends, following, and flowmies.

Advanced Astral Hoops Service

We want to keep your Astral Hoops products in tip-top shape with a service program designed specifically for our Astral Hoops Sponsored Artists.  We'll offer our Sponsored Artists extended warranties on new products as well as service discounts on non-warranty services. As an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist, you'll also receive priority processing on all of your services. 

How to apply:

Applications are now CLOSED


Video Submission

Please create and submit a short video (:59 sec or less) with your Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist application. We want to get to know you and your style of flow! Select your favorite location and show us what you got!  

Please also:

-Share your video to your instagram and youtube channel

-Include hashtags #astralhoopssponsoredartist #astralhoops 

-Show us what you got!  A well-rehearsed routine, killer flow, and a well edited video will help your entry rise to the top.  Of course we encourage you to use your Astral products in your video, though it is not required. Your video does not need to be one continuous shot, either.  You are welcome to showcase a number of styles of flow.

-Tell us in 1 sentence who you are why you want to be an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist.

-High quality video footage is always a plus!   


Rock your Astral Hoops Flow Tools

As a prominent member of the flow community, we know that you dedicate countless hours to practice, performance and production! The ideal Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist loves to spend these hours with their Astral.  Whether performing, rocking a dance floor, or frolicking at a festival, your Astral is by your side. 

Regular Posts to Social Media

We have always believed that the best promotion is by word of mouth! As an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist, you are the most valuable members of our team because you connect with our community in so many ways. We ask our team to post regularly on their social channels, in their blog posts, through review sites and community forums.  

Spread the word about specials, offers and deals

Boost your exposure by helping to promote Astral Hoops special offers. We regularly offer deals to our customer base throughout the year.  This can be a great way to generate referrals and create buzz around your posts with your Astral flow tools. We'll let you know when we have specials running and ask that you help spread the word!

Reports and Photo Submission

Keep us posted on your promotions throughout the year so we can cross promote you!  We'll ask our Sponsored Artist team to submit periodic reports with post links and photos that we can share across our social channels and website.

Sign-On Bonus!

Have a stunning photo shoot with your Astrals?  Maybe a video showcasing our products? If you are selected as an Astral Hoops Sponsored Artist and you have a killer arsenal of promo material, we can offer additional credit as soon as you are accepted to the team!

Use of Images:

As artist, we know how valuable your images are and Astral Hoops will never use your images for promotional use without your consent. We reserve the right to share your submission videos ONLY, and will not share or use any other material submitted in your application unless granted permission to do so.

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