6 Piece Sectional Travel Hoop

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Travel Hoop

Throw it in your suitcase or backpack and take it on a plane, to the park, to a flow jam. Traveling with your hula hoop is easy with our line of travel hoops. 

The hoop easily breaks down into 6 separate sections.  Precision measured connections go together in any order making re-assembly a snap.  Mix and match colors, trade a section with a friend.  Our 6-piece sectional opens up all new possibilities. 

Made with polypro tubing and durable polycarbonate connectors.  Hand crafted with care in our Colorado hoopshop.  Hoops are not sanded and ship with sandpaper for you to sand to your preference.  Note, this is not an LED hoop.

No back orders or customization on this item. 

Temporarily out of stock.