Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

All of us at Astral Hoops would like to wish our LGBTQIA+ community a very happy Pride Month! We love being part of the flow community which celebrates diversity, inclusion and love, and it brings us so much joy to create products that help individuals express their unique, beautiful selves.


One of our fondest Pride memories was hearing the news that the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. We were vending at our booth at Electric Forest in June, 2015 when we heard the news. So much excitement on-site!


Recently, we spoke with a few awesome flow artists about their plans for Pride Month and experiences as LGBTQIA+ members of the flow arts community:


David (@pixelflowz)

What does the flow arts community mean to you?

Being able to share individual expressions with the same prop. Having a creative/meditative outlet that's powerful enough to help you deal with life's stressors.

Are you doing anything for Pride?

Well I went to Pensacola Pride Memorial Day and that was fun lol. I'm rocking solo at FK this weekend so I hope to share memories with all the beautiful people I'm going to see out there. Pride for me is a year round mentality but I take the time this month to reflect and remember everything the community has been through to get us where we are now and what it's really about.


Juliana (@juliana_degutis)

What does the flow arts community mean to you?

The flow arts community means a lot to me, when I first started everyone was so supportive and kind. It felt great to be surrounded by such an accepting and helpful group of people.

Are you doing anything for Pride?

I live in Orlando which is also the month that honors those we lost in the Pulse shooting. I will be going to the ceremony and honor those who we lost. However, personally for myself this month I am finally coming out as bisexual. It's been a struggle and hard to be myself, but I feel that I owe that to myself to be true and love who I want to love.


Killian (@king_fine_hair)

What does the flow arts community mean to you?

The flowarts community to me means a lot, it’s a place where we can creatively express ourselves with our bodies through dance or simple manipulation of an object. Flowarts allowed me to become more confident in myself and helped me get through some very hard times in my life. It’s really become a happy place for me, it promotes physical exercise and lets me escape reality for a bit because I’m not focusing on what’s troubling me at the time I’m thinking about where my hoop is for my next trick. The flowarts community has also helped me make many new friends, all who have changed my life in many ways for the better and for that I will always love this community.

Are you doing anything for Pride?

During pride month I take time to appreciate how far the LGBT community has come, and how far I have, since I first realized I was gay. I encourage my friends in this community to express themselves and not be afraid of what others think. We express ourselves in ways that show we’re proud of who we are and that we won’t let anyone tell us differently.

Alex (@alehcito)

What does the flow arts community mean to you?

The flow arts community has helped me immensely, I discovered flow through a friend and I instantly fell in love. It’s done so many things for me and reignited parts of me I didn’t know where there.

Are you doing anything for Pride?

For pride this year i’ll be supporting my fellow LGBTQA+ artists and making sure to live life to my fullest truth with the love of my life!


While we love celebrating love for all, we also reflect on Pride Month's solemn origins at the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, and commemorate those brave leaders who put their lives on the line to stand up for equal rights and respect.
It can be a tough and emotional time for many so don't forget to take time for yourself and check on your loved ones, this month and always. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, here are a few resources to check out:

Thoughts on Inclusivity in the Flow Community

"I would say more flow oriented events. What better way to bring people together who like to express their creativity/inventiveness than flow jams and festivals?" - David
"The hoop does not discriminate between race, sex gender...so everyone else shouldn't worry about it. I feel a lot of people think it's a women's hobby, but it is for everyone." - Juliana
"The flow arts community is a place for everyone, it doesn’t discriminate against age, race, gender or sexuality. Anyone can do it no matter how skilled, because if it’s something you enjoy you should do it. I think the best way for the community to be more inclusive is to promote the idea that no matter how graceful you are or how new you are to it, if you love it then do it and don’t be discouraged because you aren’t the best hooper or poi spinner right off the bat." - Killian
"I feel like the community is an already welcoming community and pretty inclusive, with that being said I think it’s on a great path as a very inclusive community where anyone can pick up a prop and feel at home. The flow arts community is constantly setting an example of how we should all look after each other!" - Alex

We want to hear your thoughts too! Send us an email: info@astralhoops.com


Give Back

If you feel inclined to give back monetarily and have the means, here are a few amazing organizations you can also donate to:
We want to see your #AstralPride! This month, we want to feature our LGBTQIA+ community on Instagram to help promote your unique passions, performance and flow. Use hashtag #astralpride in your posts or stories for a repost on our page!

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