Frequently Asked Questions

About Our LED Products

How much do your hoops weigh?

The weight it dependent on the build options you select. After you add a hoop to the cart it will calculate the approximate weight.

How long should the battery last on an Atomic Hoop, Wand, or Staff?

In a hoop or staff:

  • The Regular Density circuit with 350mAh battery has a battery life of 1-2 hrs.
  • The Regular Density circuit with 1000mAh batteries has a battery life of 2-4 hrs.
  • The Double Density circuit with 1000mAh batteries has a battery life of 1-2 hrs.

All wands will last 2-3 hours.

These time estimate are for the default brightness level. Turning the brightness up or down will extend or shorten these times. We've normalized the modes to consume approximately the same amount of power. However, modes that have only a small number of LEDs on at a time will consume less.

How do you measure your hoops?

Hoop measuringWhen considering the size of a hoop, it's important to note whether the size is the measurement of the inside diameter (ID) or the outside diameter (OD). The ID is a measure from the inside edge to inside edge of the hoop, while the OD is from outside edge to outside edge. Different hoop makers measure different ways, so one maker's 32" hoop, might not be the same as a different one.

Here's how to convert between ID and OD. The OD of a hoop will be the ID of the hoop, plus twice the tubing thickness. So a 30" ID hoop in 3/4" tubing will have an outer diameter of 31.5". That's 30+(3/4)*2.

For the best fit, we recommend measuring your favorite hoop before placing your order. Since hoops aren't always perfectly round, measure the hoop in 2 or 3 places across, then average them to get the best results.

Ordering and Shipping

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

How long does it take to get a hoop?

Our custom made hoops take 1 to 2 weeks to build. It can take longer during periods of high demand. We'll do our best to post notices on the website if there is a longer wait. If you need it by a specific date, please include it in the order notes. However, since a lot of work goes into each hoop, we can't guarantee delivery by a set date. If you need it quick, see our selection of ready made hoops. To be fair to all of our customers, hoops are made in the order they are purchased. We don't have rush service.

Can I get a discount on a bulk purchase for my hoop troupe?

Save 15% when outfit your troupe with sweet Astral gear! Use coupon code TROUPE to save.  Minimum order of $1500.

Service, Support, and Warranty

Do you work on other brands of LED hoops?

While we love to help out the community as much as possible, we do not currently work on other brands of hoops.  Each hoop is different and we don't have the templates, parts, and knowledge required to properly work on other hoops. 

I just received my hoop and it isn't round.

Hoops are often not a perfect circle after being coiled a few days for shipment. The best way to round out your hoop is to hoop it out! After a little use it will go back to the beautiful circle it is. Polypro hoops take a little longer to round out than HDPE. Warmer temperatures also help hoops round out faster.

I just received my hoop and it's the wrong size, what can I do?

Keep in mind we measure the inside diameter of hoops. Some hoops are measured by the outside. Inside diameter will be about 1 to 2 inches less than outside diameter. We recommend measuring your preferred hoop with a tape measure to ensure a similar fit. Since hoops aren't always a perfect circle, measure in 2 or 3 places across the hoop and average them for the best size estimate.

If you already have received a hoop and it's not the size you expected, we can often exchange the hoop for another size. Our full return/exchange policy is posted on the Return/Exchange Page. We can also resize your hoop anytime. Resizing fees and information can be found on our Service Page.

Is broken tubing covered by the 1 year warranty?

Damage to the tubing or caused by the tubing breaking is not covered by the 1 yr warranty.  The warranty covers manufacturer's defect- such as loose wiring, faulty components, damaged/defective batteries, etc. While it's overall rare that tubing breaks, all hoop tubing has a limit on how much force it can withstand. Some moves, such as hard breaks, knee reversals, and wedgies can put stress on the hoop tubing. We recommend practicing new moves with a practice hoop that would be easier to replace should something break.

We offer both HDPE and Polypropylene plastics. Polypropylene is a harder plastic and can crack more easily than HDPE. Extra care should be used when using polypro in cold environments. Polypro becomes brittle when cold. If your polypro hoop has been out in the cold, allow it to warm up to room temperature before use. Prolonged exposure to high heat and direct sunlight can make degrade polypro making it permanently more brittle.

How do I send my Astral Hoop, Wand, or Staff in for modifications or repairs?

Sending in your Astral for service is easy. Complete information can be found on our Service Page.

How much would it cost to have my hoop resized or retubed?

Resizing starts at $45 and retubing at $50. More complex retube and resizes can cost just a little more. For exact pricing see our Service Page.

What services do you offer for Astral Hoops, Wands, and Staffs?

We offer a wide range of services to keep your Astral running like new and allow it to grow with your needs. To view our menu of services see our Service Page.

Do you accept returns?

We sure do. We want you to be ecstatic about your new Astral Product. If you're not, it can be returned within 30 days. See our full return policy on the Return/Exchange Page

Atomic Designer: Creating Your Own Modes

How do I have my Atomic upgraded with the Designer?

All 4th Generation Atomic Hoops, Levitation Wands, and Staffs can be upgraded to use the Atomic Designer. Generally, any Atomic sold in 2013 and 2014 is a 4th generation. To use the Designer you'll need a software update on your Atomic and the Designer Link cable. The cable and update is $30.

Ways to have your Atomic updated and purchase the Designer Link cable:

  • Stop by our booth and any of the festivals we take part in.
  • Make an appointment to stop by our hoopshop in Denver, CO.
  • Send your Atomic in by filling out the service request form and following the return shipping instructions.

I'm having trouble getting the Designer to work on my computer.

No worries, we can help. Just fill out the Designer Help Survey to let us know what part isn't working for you and we'll send you a personal letting you know what likely needs to be done to make it work.

A mode I downloaded to my Atomic turns the hoop off or is blank

If you run a Designer mode, or a Designer mode saved in your presets, and the hoop goes dark, it's possible there's a problem with this mode. This can happen when the data from a Designer mode doesn't properly download to your Atomic or is there's a problem with the mode its self. If looping through the Designer or present menu with the Scan feature, you might observe the Atomic looking like it's shut off for 10 or 30 second, then turning back on. This is because it's not able to run the mode and looks as though it's turning back on when it goes to run the next mode in the bank. When the hoop is dark you should still be able to hold the joystick left to get into the menu, or hold it in to turn it off.

To fix this, simply save a different mode to the preset, or download a new mode to the problem Designer slot. This will overwrite the bad mode.

Travel and Shipping

How do I safely coil my hoop for travel or shipment?

We recommend coiling the hoop the way it was coiled when it arrived. Depending on the size of the tubing, it can coil as small as 20" (while at room temperature).  We do not recommend double coiling the hoop (coiling all the way around and reconnecting the ends, as it puts pressure on the microprocessor board).  If the tubing is coiled for several days during travel, when you uncoil the tubing let is breath before re-connecting it (overnight or for a day if possible). Don't store your hoop coiled for long periods of time. The longer it stays coiled the more time it will take for it to return to a perfect circle.

Can I safely double coil my hoop, reconnecting it at the connector?

We do not recommend double coiling because it puts extra pressure on the microprocessor board.

Charging with International or Generator Power

Our smart chargers are rated for International use.  They will function properly with both 50 and 60Hz power systems and at voltages ranging from 100 to 240 VAC.  However, our hoops can be damaged by the following:

  • Power systems that fluctuate outside of these ranges.
  • Using voltage converters that are not designed to supply clean power for electronic devices.
  • Generators that do not supply clean power.
  • Power surges, which can be a common occurrence with generators and power systems of less developed nations.

When in a country with a power system different than the US, we recommend using a plug adapter only, such as the one we offer for sale here: International Plug Adapter. A plug adapter that includes surge suppression can provide additional protection against damage from questionable power systems. A plug adapter with surge suppression is not, however, a guarantee against damage from incompatible or unreliable power. This type of damage can most often be fixed, but is NOT covered by our warranty.

Reselling and Collaborations

Can I sell your hoops?

Thank you for wanting to sell our great products! To learn more about our Authorized reseller program and to apply see our Authorized Reseller Information Page.

Can I be sponsored by Astral Hoops?

Check out our Ambassador Program. With it you earn 10% of every new LED hoop, wand, or staff purchase from a customer recommended by you which you can use towards purchasing your own LED hoop, wand, or staff gear. There are also monthly gifts for top Ambassadors. It's an easy was to earn free or discounted Astral gear!

I have an idea for an improvement on an Astral product.

We value your opinion. Feedback and suggestions from our customers and the community have been a great influence on the evolution of our products! To give your feedback see the Feedback Survey.

I have an idea for an new Astral product!

Excellent, we love new ideas! New ideas can be submitted via our Astral Projects Suggestions Form. We will keep your idea in mind while working on developing new projects.

Can Astral make a custom flow tool for me?

Developing a new smart LED flow tool takes quite a bit of time. We're a very busy hoopshop and don't currently have the extra resources that would be needed to do it right. We're all ears to new ideas though. If you tell us what you're thinking on our Astral Projects Suggestions Form it just might become a product in the future.

I would like to collaborate on a project

We love collaborations! Contact us and tell us more. Keep in mind though that we're a small company and might not always have the resources required.