How We Go Green :

How We Go Green :

At Astral Hoops, we believe is everyone's responsibility to do what you can to keep our planet alive and well. It is easy to think that you aren't able to make a difference, but small things such as recycling your everyday waste can make a big impact.

Here are some ways we try to do our part

- Using 95% recyclable packaging

- Reusing packaging from services / returns when possible

- Properly recycling all electronic

- Donating old / imperfect hoops that can't be sold

- Offering servicing, resizes, upgrades, ect. 


How can you do your part? 

-Learn about the local recycling laws in your area

-Have more awareness of how much trash you create and learn how to reduce your waste in a way that works for you 

-Properly dispose of your electronics at a recycling center

March 2022 Trade-In Program Recap

For the entire month of March, we promoted recycling by encouraging people to trade in their old LEDs with us for a discount on a brand-new Astral Hoop. We received 65+ hoops and disassembled the broken ones to properly recycle the plastic and electronics. The hoops that still had life in them were cleaned up and will be donated back into the community. 


We are looking for organizations, classes, programs that would be interested in refurbished LED hoops that are looking for a new home. Please email us at with your name and more information about how you would put donated hoops to good use. 


Dates to Know : 

March 18 - Global Recycling Day 

April 22 - Earth Day 

June 5 - World Environment Day  


Feel free to email us at with any feedback or more ways we can go green. 

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