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Atomic V Classic Features

We are thrilled to share all of the fun features of the Atomic V Classic LED Smart Hoops with you!  Find tips and details here! 

  • Megamix - Megamixes combine the chaos of randomization with intelligent transitioning to create a unique mix of patterns every time.
  • Color and Speed Control - Customize the color and speed of any mode.
  • Battery Meter - Easily monitor your battery life.
  • Brightness control - Crank it up for blinding light, or turn it down to increase battery life.
  • Favorites - Store up to 30 customized favorites!
  • POVs - Original 15 Evoke POVs + 15 all new ones.
  • More Rainbow - More stunning rainbow color schemes.
  • Comets - Orbit your body with comets.
  • Random pattern generators - 5 Random modes create a new pattern every time.
  • Intelligent battery management - New intelligent power regulation for longer battery life.
  • Caitlin Morris

New Pattern Pack Feature For the Atomic V AF Hoop


We've added a new feature to the iPhone and Android apps that give you access to thousands of new patterns.  Use this feature to browse through pattern libraries and preview what they look like on your phone.  Then quickly and easily upload and save your favorite patterns to your Atomic V AF hoop.  You can also use the app's Desinger to modify and build off of the patterns in these packs.  This works with all Atomic V AF Hoops.

  • B.J. Nolletti
AF Designer Tips and Tricks

AF Designer Tips and Tricks

Get the most out of the Designing your own hoop POV patterns with these tips.

  • B.J. Nolletti

How to choose the right tubing for your LED hoop

Polypro, HDPE, colored tubing and sparkles. What's the difference? Learn how to choose the tubing that's right for you.

  • B.J. Nolletti
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