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Atomic V LED Smart Hoops

Our fifth generation Atomic V Smart LED Hoop is now available in three different models to fit with your hooping style and budget. 

The Megamix Hoop plays an endless mix of over 100 different patterns continuously layering on top of each other with smooth fades and transitions.  It's like having a DJ for your LED hoop.    

The Atomic V Classic Hoop is similar to the previous Atomic V released in June of 2018.  Select from over 100 different patterns using easy on hoop controls, adjust the speed and color of any pattern and save to your favorites.

The Atomic V Advanced Feature (AF) takes LED hoop technology to the next level with Bluetooth connected apps for Android and iPhone, motion reaction, a new Designer app for creating your own patterns, and more.

Atomic V LED Smart Hoops

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Stock Atomic V Megamix LED Hoop

Atomic V Comparison






LED Patterns


Single Megamix Mode


Sparkle & Comets



Standard Resolution

High Resolution + Stabilization

Design Your Own


Hardware Upgradable

Firmware Upgradable

Send In To Upgrade

Send In To Upgrade

Upgrade Using App

Color & Speed Control

Save & Customize Favorites

Battery Level Indicator

On Hoop Controls

Phone App Controls

Control Multiple Hoops

Pattern Isolation

Battery Saving Auto Rest


Design and Upload Images

Upload From Camera


Microprocessor Speed




Latest LED Technology

Removable Battery Option

Internal Battery Option

Tubing Options

5/8", 11/16", & 3/4"

5/8", 11/16", & 3/4"

5/8", 11/16", & 3/4"

Accelerometer & Gyro Sensors

Additional Storage Memory

Bluetooth LE

iPhone & Android Apps


International Warranty

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

Lifetime Support

Return / Exchanges

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

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