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Synergy FlowArts Quick Wick

A Crown-Knot version of the clamp-on Quick Wick. This super light wick attaches on to any hoop easily with a regular flat-head screwdriver. Quick Wicks allow you to change your firehoop size as your regular hoop size evolves.

Use Quick Wicks® on any Astral Hoop as a fire + LED hoop! When used properly, the heat from the wick will not harm the LED circuit. However, as with any firehoop, care must be taken to not hold the hoop in a way that puts the hoop tubing in the path of the flame for more than a brief moment.

Other ideas: throw some on each end of a staff, attach them on a helmet, a unicycle axle.. get creative. The paper-thin belt is virtually unnoticeable when hooping and the clamp does not get hot.


  • 3 models (clamp sizes) available for all kinds of tubings
  • Approx weight =  1.6 ounces (about the weight of 6 quarters).
  • 100% Stainless Steel construction for the best resistance to rust.
  • Flexible cable-spine is super rigid, like a solid rod, but springs back into shape when bent.
  • Tested, secure and as safe as playing with fire gets!
  • Designed to last several lifetimes if properly cared for.
  • Hand-made in North Carolina, U.S.A.

Backed by a one-year limited warranty (see image to the right) and Lifetime Replacement Policy, you can count on The Quick Wick and the people who stand behind it.


If you are unsure of the Outside Diameter of your tubing (not hoop OD), please measure it. It is VERY important that you get the correct size Quick Wick®. Each size is very specific and will not fit on wider or thinner tubings. The increments are very small so precision counts (tip: use the info / specs that came with your tubing / hoop).  Want to downside your wick clamp size? See the Synergy FlowArts website for instructions.