Clearance Starlight LED Hoop

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Clearance Starlight LED Hoop

Clearance hoops may be overstock, returns, or custom builds where a customer changed their mind.  All hoops are NEW and only ONE is available unless otherwise noted.

Hoops marked as used are usually hoops that a customer returned after light use in exchange for a different size or model.  They have been fully tested.  Used hoops may have some scuffs and scratches from a small amount of use.   

All clearance hoops come with our normal Lifetime Warranty and our risk free 30 return / 60 day exchange policy.  Optional Astral Care can be purchased to protect from nearly any type of accidental damage for one year.

Introducing the world's most affordable high-quality remote controlled hoop.  The Starlight hoop is like no other.  40 psychedelic patterns designed to create mesmerizing effects when the hoop is in motion.  Easily customize the color and speed of each pattern using the remote and save them to the favorites bank.

Most smart hoops have LEDs that shine only to the outside edge of the hoop.  The Starlight is different.  The LEDs shine a full 360 degrees around, lighting up the hoop tubing.  Because of this, fewer LEDs are needed to create stunning effects.  That also means the batteries last longer on a charge, making this a perfect hoop for long flow jams, performances, and festival use!

The removable lithium-ion battery, counterweight, and circuitry weight a total of only 1 ounce, making this LED hoop feel just like a regular non-LED hoop.  The LEDs are spaced evenly around the hoop with no uneven light gaps. 

  • Remote control
  • Precision counterweight balanced
  • Runs 3 to 6 hours on one battery
  • Comes with 2 rechargeable li-ion batteries and a charger
  • 21 to 27 full color 360 degree LEDs
  • Sanded grip strip on inside of hoop
  • Lifetime warranty

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