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Vanna is a magical, multi-prop flow artist, anime lover, painter, and mother based out of Lubbock, Texas. She discovered hula hoop dancing in 2015 whenever her mom purchased a hoop and started learning after being inspired by a YouTube video. Shortly after, Vanna made the decision to pick up her mom’s hoop and begin learning herself! Living in a small town, Instagram and Facebook was her only outlet to meet other friends who hula hoop, but she quickly began to make many inspiring friends within the online hoop community. In 2018, she was brought to her first EDM festival and was introduced to other props outside of just hula hoops. She is now proficient in hoops, fans, poi, contact staff, and even dabbles in ball juggling. Hand her a new prop and she’s sure to create some magic with it! Growing up a competitive cheerleader and teaching cheer and tumbling for 5 years, she now travels the US performing and teaching prop manipulation to other flow artists. The flow arts community has been Vanna’s saving grace. Being able to collaborate ideas with props and create such beautiful friendships has been the most meaningful thing in the world to her. Nothing inspires her more to keep training than all of the wonderful, creative flow artists that she has crossed paths with in the community. Vanna says when she found hula hooping and the flow community, she feels like she finally found the magic in the world. Vanna hopes to continue to perform and share her extensive flow arts knowledge both in person and online to help further grow the community in their prop knowledge, welcome new friends on board, and keep sharing as many ideas with other flow artists to ultimately have as much fun as possible and create a strong sense of comradery with friends all over the world!



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