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Danny, also known by his stage name "Atlas," introduces himself as an individual originally from Brooklyn, New York but now residing in Saint Pete, Florida. Flowing has been a significant part of his life since February 2022 and is approaching its two-year mark on this incredible journey. For Atlas, the flow arts community holds a special place in his heart, offering a safe haven where he can genuinely be himself and convey his stories through dance. Engaging in flow arts has unveiled a profound passion for movement and has provided comfort by connecting with other talented artists who have become close friends. This community has bestowed upon him a sense of belonging and healing unlike anything he has experienced before.

In his flow, Danny draws heavy inspiration from hip-hop culture and a funky street dance style known as "popping." His authentic self-expression involves incorporating tuts and quick, sharp, robotic movements. His flow family, consisting of hoopers, serves as a consistent source of inspiration and motivation. They uplift one another, continuously sharing their skills and propelling each other to new heights.

His ultimate aspiration is to secure an official flow gig. While he has had the opportunity to perform at local events, his dream is to spread the therapeutic power of music and love on larger stages.

When he is not immersed in flow arts, Danny indulges in crafting, channeling his passion into creating various toys, plushies, and jewelry that he often gifts at festivals and events. Flow jams and music festivals hold a special place in his heart, as he thrives in the lively and supportive community they foster. Additionally, he takes pride in being the owner of two adorable Chinchillas, who play an integral role in his life, along with a recently rescued kitten. These furry companions bring him endless joy and serve as a constant reminder of his own incompleteness without them.

Danny invites others to join him on this journey as he strives to spread the healing power of flow arts and music to every corner of the world. Together, they can create unforgettable experiences and foster a sense of belonging and unity within the cherished community they hold so dear.


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