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(photo by @portraitone)


Yara, a Lebanese artist, with a fine arts background, unites her creativity with the world of flow arts.

In the hula hooping community, Yara is renowned for her precise speed play in manipulating the hoop manifesting boundless energy and fluidity. Her ultimate goal is to inspire others to experience the flow state through hula hooping and flow arts. To facilitate this journey, she has crafted the "Mastering Circles" online hoop program, thoughtfully integrated into her online school, simplifying the learning process for individuals to express themselves and find their own flow.

Link: https://yarafares.teachable.com/p/masteringcircles

Beyond hula hooping, Yara is skilled in rope darts and is currently training in doubles trapeze, cradle and acrobatics at Aerial Edge, Glasgow’s circus school as well as teaching flow arts there.

In her spare time, she indulges in hobbies like crochet and fusion dancing, all while nurturing her deep affection for music, nature and dogs!


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