Sponsored Artist Evan Davis


Photos by Stewart Eastep


Evan Davis is a performer and flow arts instructor based out of Boulder, Colorado.  Evan has been exploring flow arts since 2010 and continues to instruct and perform at events across the states. With a personal style that ranges from single hoop floor work to hoop juggling, Evan has always found that LEDs are the best way to showcase what he loves about hooping!

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Tell us how you fell in love with the flow arts? 

The first time I was really inspired to begin my own flow arts journey was actually at one of my own first music festival experiences. I really fell in love with the idea of a form of expression and dance, that was also mesmerizing and skillful. I picked a prop that weekend and ordered my own as soon as I got home! I am still so thankful that my own journey began in such a supporting community surrounded by friends who were also passionate to learn. I doubt I’d be where I am today without that supportive foundation.

What inspires your style of flow the most and how do you find your flow state? 

Patterns have always been what tickles my fancy in flow arts. With any prop, I’ve always found myself getting lost in exploring different geometric patterns and working my way through variations on a thought process.

Tell us what makes you passionate about the flow arts? 

Flow Arts has given me so much that I don’t see myself ever leaving my passion for this art or the community involved with it.

Tell us other ways you contribute to the flow arts and/or festival community? 

I’ve been regularly teaching and performing in both the flow arts and music festival worlds since 2012. I help maintain the boulder circus center jams, as well as create hype for events throughout the year.



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