Sponsored Artist Faerie Hooplah


Originally from a multicultural background with a Dutch mother and Tunisian father, Sali has been living in the United Arab Emirates since childhood. Dubai has been her home for the past 7 years and she absolutely loves it there.

Her journey with flow arts began 7 years ago when she first picked up a hoop. It's incredible how this simple circle ring has had such a profound impact on her life. As I'm sure most of us can relate, the hooping community has introduced her to amazing people and taken her to different countries, opening doors she never imagined possible. The flow arts community is more than just a hobby to Sali; it is her life.

One of her goals is to perform in big stage shows. She is actively manifesting and taking steps towards achieving this dream. Additionally, she aspires to continue her studies as a psychologist. She wants to specialize in Play therapy and utilize the power of play to help those who need it the most.

Apart from hooping, she finds joy in other activities such as fire play, costume creation, and contact juggling. These hobbies bring her immense happiness and allow her to express herself in different ways.

She is grateful for the opportunities and growth that the flow arts community has brought into her life. With determination and passion, she is excited to see where this journey takes her next.

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