Sponsored Artist Lani Violet


In the words of Biggie Smalls… "Learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest."

“Passionate about art & community. Planted in Colorado, FLOWering in Hawaii.

Pyro. Computer Nerd. Wanderer. Burner. Ninja.”



Tell us how you fell in love with the flow arts? 

I had been doing Chinese Dance since I was little, and that taught me about movement, discipline, and intricacy. We used fans, scarves, ribbons, and swords to dance with; and that stayed with me growing up.
It wasn’t until college when I went up to Colorado State University in 2012, that I fell in love with the flow arts! I had always had an affinity for Hawaii and decided to join the Hawaii Club. Every year they put on a Spring Luau and enlisted students to come practice and perform. I was really interested in it, and there was a poi ball segment that no one signed up for. I hadn’t really heard of it, so I decided to send it! Auntie Grace began training me and my girl Jazell and gave us our first set of Polynesian Poi.
I ended up loving it, learning so much, and kicking ass in the Luau! I also met a neighbor dude who spun and he taught me even more over the summer.
When I came back home to Denver, I met up with my sister, and friends Jessica & Ashlie, who ironically picked up flow arts in parallel with me through the Denver burner scene. We all jammed together and bonded over these silly toys.
Since then, I’ve been meeting people, seeing it grow in media, and learning all the things! Now I pursue this passion professionally, and am trying to inspire people to also love what changed my life!

What inspires your style of flow the most and how do you find your flow state? 

Culture and geometry influence my style of flow the most. I recently heard my flowmie say “geometry is my religion,” and in a sense, that’s kind of true! I worship the shapes!! I move my body around the shapes!! Use technique to master shapes!! Imma throw shapes!
Music and stretching are also clutch! I get into the best flow after a good stretch session and when I’m vibing the music. Or surrounded by creative energy/people! That’s why I help moderate weekly flow jams & fire safety courses in Hawaii!
I fractured my arm and shoulder in a snowboarding accident in 2014, and flowing was literally the best rehab I could have ever done!

Tell us what makes you passionate about the flow arts? 

Oh god... As if my other answers weren’t extensive enough haha I’ll save you the novel, and put it best into words as I can…
Or better yet, here’s a haiku! I’ll title it “Discipline.”

“As fierce as fire,
As gentle as the ocean,
Freedom acquired.”

I’m going to go touch back on a few more words to fulfill this answer:
Forever young, physical and mental, creative, unique, new skills, balance, zen, community, flexibility happiness, friendship, love, connections, laughter, tears, and so much more.. <3

Tell us other ways you contribute to the flow arts and/or festival community? 

I truly do cherish the flow community because it’s a place where everyone can fit in and is always excited about everything! There’s not really a whole lot of negativity, only encouragement and growth.
The biggest growth came for me through conclave. I’ve found a family within the Colorado regional and big burn community, who has always been so loving and supportive.
When I moved to Hawaii, I wanted to take the love I learned from ACON and HOT COCO and spread it to the Hawaii Fire Conclave, which I took on a role as assistant shin.
I love performing & instructing. Sharing what I can is the greatest joy.

Upcoming Events:

-FREE Fire Dancer Safety Training Course every 1st Thursday of the month (Honolulu, HI)

-Honolulu Fire Jam every Thursday

-Rising Up to Paradise, 2018 New Year’s Eve on Kauai: Founding Grateful Dead band mates will help ring in the New Year on the Hawaiian island of Kauai by playing a benefit concert, scheduled for December 31 at Crazy Rooster Ranch.

-Hawaii Fire Artists Conclave 2019

Past Appearances: 

Hawaii Fire Artists Conclave: Black Rock City 2017-2018. Performer and Assistant Shin.
-ARISE Festival: Loveland, CO 2018. Performer.
-MANIPULATION (MOPS) Festival: CA 2018. Instructor.
-FIREDRUMS Festival: CA 2018. Instructor.
-Rainbow Serpent Festival. Lexington VIC Australia 2018. Performer.
-Prince Kuhio Cruises: Honolulu, HI 2017-2018. Polynesian Dancer and Fire Performer.
-Kalalea Dance: Honolulu, HI 2017-2018. Hawaii Fire Dance Troupe for corporate clientele.
-Kahiapo Talent: Honolulu,HI 2017-2018. Polynesian Dance Troupe.
-A Thirst to Burn: Denver, CO 2018. Colorado Fire Troupe.
-Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit: St. Maarten Island 2017. LED Performer.
-HotCoCo Conclave. Black Rock City 2016. Performer.
-Apogaea Conclave (ACON): Bailey & Vasquez, CO 2014-2016. Performer.
-Mardi Gras Block Party: Honolulu, HI 2014. Performer.
-Colorado Parade of Lights. Denver, CO 2012-2016. Performer.
-CSU LUAU. Fort Collins, CO 2012. Performer.