Sponsored Artist Leena Park


Soulful, loving, connected, determined, unique, inspirational, motivational, driven. Performer, teacher, artist, professional, multi-prop artist, merchandise advocate, she does it all! These are just a few of the amazing emotions that she radiates and what you will feel when given the opportunity to see her perform live. Leena started her flow journey in 2014 which has grown into giving her the opportunity to build her flow with multiple props as well as adding dancing and juggling to her list of talents. 

Throughout her journey Leena has been able to fine tune her skills to her advantage leaving her with unlimited talent with her own spice no matter where her flow may take her. Check her out on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and her own website here

Leena isn’t just a flow artist she also loves baking, cooking, sewing, playing guitar, piano and spending time with her friends and family. She would even consider her family and friends to be her inspiration and of course nature. Leena is able to find inspiration every day in her life which truly shows as an inspiration to us all.


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