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Sponsored Artist Rager Rabbit

Evol Kid Media


I’ve been hooping for 7 years, my style consists technical precision mixed with a smoky smooth flow. I love to bring the two together, fierce and finesse.


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Tell us how you fell in love with the flow arts?

I used to be a competitive gymnast, I had a full scholarships to a few schools but short of graduating high school I was injured. I was lost and feeling without purpose and I stumbled upon hooping at a festival. I had found something that I loved, got me back into movement art, and most of all a community that gave me purpose.

What inspires your style of flow the most and how do you find your flow state?

My flow comes from raw, animalistic, divine female energy. I feel at my strongest in my flow state. I feel like I can do anything.



Tell us what makes you passionate about the flow arts?

Flow arts saved my life, both literally and figuratively. I owe it, and this community everything.

Tell us other ways you contribute to the flow arts and/or festival community?

I teach at flow festivals across the country, host flow/fire jams in cities around the country. I try to hold space for artist to be able to play.


Cirque du soleil- Amaluna
Electric Forest  2016
Mysteryland  2016
Imagine Music Festival 2014 -2017
Sonic Bloom 2014 - 2018


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