Sponsored Artist Rosalie Ash


I am a Maryland native who found flow 6 years ago as an outlet for so much, from creativity, to emotions. I've since found a passion for performing arts as a whole,  with go-go dancing and other props also in my repertoire I aim to entertain and bring a fairy magic to more audiences everywhere.

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Tell us how you fell in love with the flow arts.

I filled in as a dancer for a friends troupe and was surrounded by flow artists... A fellow dancer had a wand and I gave it a try and immediately felt a special connection like none before it. Dance as a performance was new to me but this felt like a new feeling entirely to that and a type of dance that I could really use to further my awareness of movement. As I started to utilize what I thought was just a tool, I truly fell in love with the sense of whimsical and magic that takes over when you control a prop and get lost in it while it teaches you so much and even can take you away from you worries for a little while. What is not to love about such a pure and beautiful escape.

What inspires your style of flow the most and how do you find your flow state?

My flow style is most inspired by dance, music, nature, and mythical creatures. I connected my beginnings in flow with a direct desire to improve my go-go dancing so my style has always been intertwined and most influenced by fun, upbeat, sometimes sensual, dance. Without music I feel almost disconnected from my flow. In order to find any flow state I need to hear the music, connect to whatever emotion I have at that moment or the emotion the music evokes, feel a little bit more like a magical creature, and then let that carry me into a flow state.

Tell us what makes you passionate about the flow arts.

I since discovering it, have always been passionate about flow arts as a means of expressing myself through creating art but this now is true alongside a growing desire to see flow arts bring people together to watch and experience it no matter what their age or background. It is the stories I hear of different mothers and daughters watching my videos together, even the chance to show my mom and niece how to levi-wand recently was a part of the moments flow arts help create that continue to make me passionate about it.

Tell us other ways you contribute to the flow arts and/or festival community.

I have made a handful of tutorials, with more to come. I have also taught a number of classes on levi-wand at my home, and at flow and music festivals as well. I also love contributing badass art and flow photography to the community as a model with my props. Its a lot of fun to collaborate with photographers to catch a moment.