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My name is Savannah. I'm 13 and have been hooping for 6 years. I was voted youth hooper of the year, and was the first youth hooper to teach at Hoopcamp. I love to perform.


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Tell us how you fell in love with the flow arts? 

I did a local talent show when I was 7 and did pretty good at it. At that time we didn't know that any of the flow arts even existed. My parents Googled it and found lessons at Kake's studios in Boulder that I started going to weekly. I've been hooping ever since.

What inspires your style of flow the most and how do you find your flow state?

I really feel like the right kind of music inspires my hoop flow the most.

Tell us what makes you passionate about the flow arts?

I love doing it. I've been doing it for so long, and I love the people I've met from it

Tell us other ways you contribute to the flow arts and/or festival community?

I've been an instructor, I've also collaborated with Morgan Jenkins to make a interpretive dance video around young girls having better self esteem.


Youth hooper of the year 2017

Performed at Hoopcamp

The Jamboree

Sonic Bloom

City and State talent competitions

City of Northglenn Pirate festival

Cirque Array

Fringe Cirque show