Sponsored Artist Spiral




Widely recognized as a founding leader and pioneer of the modern hoop dance and flow arts movements, Spiral has moved audiences around the world to their feet—and often to tears—with groundbreaking acts that explode the boundaries between dance, circus, acrobatics, object manipulation and storytelling.

Equal parts Sorceress, Acrobat, Dervish, and Ninja, she brings the kind of tingle to the spine that can only be wrought as a direct result of tireless training, incredible skills, and occasional conspiracy with otherworldly forces. Spiral has been on the cutting edge of hoop dance and flow arts for over a decade, setting a precedent for skill, precision, and artistry that is unparalleled.

Defying the idea that movement artists must be taught an existing tradition from a very young age, and breaking through convention to evoke one’s own, never-before seen style is no easy task. Spiral’s performances are uniquely powerful, however, in part because she came to circus after childhood, as a young adult. As a result, she fused her later formal circus training with a pre-existing, organic and deeply personal love for expression, built on a foundation of many art forms.

In a world steeped in the notion that post-childhood, it’s “too late” to embark on a physical calling, Spiral’s path serves to prove that truly pioneering artwork is not necessarily the product of tradition, but rather of chance-taking and innovation. Her dedication to constantly developing her own, organic movement art has not only allowed her to become an elite, sought-after performer, but also a community leader and inspiration for many thousands of fans worldwide.

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