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From a young age, Jacob pursued many art forms- especially those involving dance. With seven years of formal dance training (in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Musical Theatre, and Tap), he dreamed of becoming a choreographer. Jacob went on to cheerlead in high school, where he scored the role of Team Captain his two years of participation. Between dance and cheerleading, Jacob attended numerous conventions and competitions where he improved upon his array of techniques. Although due to societal pressure, he felt there was no space for him to become a choreographer in the future. 
Instead of furthering his passion for dance, he chose to attend University of California, Santa Barbara as a physics major. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he struggled to keep up with the virtual platforms he was learning on. As businesses reopened, he attended his first ever EDM music festival- Nocturnal Wonderland 2021. His friend, “Hoop Ninja,” introduced him to the world of hula hoop dance prior to this event, but Jacob didn’t quite understand the hype. Little did he know that he was about to discover a vast world of flow artists, where he saw the connective, encouraging, and benevolent atmosphere that their spaces provided. Out of curiosity, from holding his friends’ hoops all day, he started spinning one on his hand and could not stop. Next thing you know, he could not get enough of the feeling, so he ran around the rest of the festival day-hooping in the dark- without a care in the world. Shortly after, he ordered his first ever hoop which arrived October 1st, 2021. 
This would lead into hours of hoop play every single day. Debuting on social media as “The Hoopnotist,” this alter-ego of sorts encouraged him to improve his skills, and that it did. In his last few quarters of college, a thought protruded his mind, “What if I dropped everything and pursued freelance art?” Unable to ignore this repetitive thought, he left behind countless hours of physics study, and he was confident in his decision to live his childhood dream of becoming, not only a choreographer, but also an artist and performer. 
With that, he returned to his small-hometown of Los Banos, California, and took every single risk he could. He connected with countless flow artists and performers at music festivals, engaged in flow projects with friends in SoCal, and explored many artistic avenues- including other props, visual art, and music. Flow art reawakened his passion for dance, and he began practicing traditional dance styles again. To encompass his renowned passion for these art mediums, he changed his stage name to “The Flow Revelation.” 
Later auditioning for Insomniac Entertainers, he debuted as a character performer for Beyond Wonderland 2023. This snowballed into performing for Insomniac at EDC Las Vegas, Forbidden Kingdom Orlando, Beyond Wonderland PNW, and later the opportunity to be a performer assistant at Hard Summer SoCal. Next in line is the festival that started it all Nocturnal Wonderland 2023, of which he is excited to see his journey come full circle (no pun intended). Even more exciting is his debut as an LED Hoop Performer for the upcoming, Escape Halloween SoCal 2023. Aside from his work with Insomniac Events, he has performed for a private party in Tampa, Florida, as well as in multiple clubs in Fresno, California, and of course local parties or events. Jacob offers virtual hoop workshop and choreography classes, where he promotes them on Instagram (@theflowrevelation). He also teaches private, in-person or virtual hoop classes. As a kids dance instructor for Encore Dance Studio in Los Banos, California, he teaches ballet, hip-hop, tap, and tumbling- while hosting the first-ever weekly adult hoop class in his town! He hopes to make flow art expression more accessible and popular in rural locations like the ones he grew up in.
Jacob aspires to become a reputable, consistent, and benevolent dance instructor, festival performer, and entrepreneur. His mission is “To inspire, invigorate, and nourish the human spirit through artistry, music, and dance.” He plans to revisit college and graduate with a degree in Business Administration and Art, which he will use in his entrepreneurial work, as well as to fulfill a leadership role in festival production. Currently, Jacob practices single and multi-hooping, dragon staff, buugeng, and poi. As capital allows, he plans to invest in levi-wand, fans, rope dart, aerial, and more. 
Furthermore, he plans to develop a character in full costume and performance “Ezel Lust.” This character is planned to portray stylistic and exaggerated attributes that reflect, not only Jacob’s personality, but traits that he struggles to embody. The incandescent blaze, and sin of lust, Ezel, embodiment of lion. You’ll sometimes see this character portrayed in his visual art. This project is currently on pause with his crazy schedule but stay tuned with his instagram @ezellust. 
The flow arts community continues to impress him with the amount love, connectivity, and knowledge they share. Jacob loves meeting other artists and witnessing their flow live. He is quick to assert what he values in their flow, as well as what he values in their character. Moreover, he is known to be there for his flowmies through their greatest successes, darkest times, or anything in between.
He runs @ourflowcommunity on TikTok and Instagram where he aims to make movement artists more visible to each other and the world!
Revelation is the very moment you capture the essence of new ideas or beginnings through flow, thus “Flow Revelation.” Accordingly, Jacob aims to help artists find their revelation!