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Atomic V Fan Attachments

*All orders will ship within one week*

Our 5th generation Atomic V programming is the result of over a decade of continuous innovation.  Mesmerize your audience with its rich colors and one of a kind patterns.  These fans are handcrafted in Colorado and backed by a lifetime warranty and a lifetime of service and upgrades. 

Control using the remote or our well known joystick function 

100+ built-in patterns to customize by color and speed for infinite possibilities

  • Megamix - Megamixes combine the chaos of randomization with intelligent transitioning to create a unique mix of patterns every time.
  • Color and Speed Control - Customize the color and speed of any mode.
  • Battery Meter - Easily monitor your battery life.
  • Brightness control - Crank it up for blinding light, or turn it down to increase battery life.
  • Favorites - Store up to 30 customized favorites!
  • POVs - Original 15 Evoke POVs + 15 all new ones.
  • More Rainbow - More stunning rainbow color schemes.
  • Comets - Orbit your body with comets.
  • Random pattern generators - 5 Random modes create a new pattern every time.
  • Intelligent battery management - New intelligent power regulation for longer battery life.


  • Fan Attachments x2
  • Velcro Straps x6
  • Keychain Remote
  • USB-C charging cable x2
  • White fan covers x2


Fans not included - LED Attachments only 

Compatible with most fans - tested on Forged Creations fire and practice fans 

Attachment measured 27" from end to end

All orders will ship within one week!

How to videos and tutorials : 

How to Attach to Fans

Charging & More Tips

How to Use the Remote