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Starlight Juggling LED Hoop Set

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Astral Hoops Starlight Juggling Hoop Set of 3

Introducing the first LED Smart hoop designed specifically for juggling.  

  • Precision counterbalanced, a must for juggling.
  • Control all hoops at the same time using remote.
  • Durable HDPE tubing makes them safe to drop.
  • Get 3 fully features smart hoops at an affordable price.

Available in sets of 3.  For individuals see our Starlight hoops

  • Available only in sets of 3
  • 15" 23 LED's spaced 2" apart (double density) 
  • 21 to 26 full color 360 degree LEDs (Single Density) 
  • 41 to 51 full color 360 degree LEDs (Double Density) 
  • Sanded grip strip on inside of hoop
  • 40 customizable patterns (remote controlled) 
  • 6 Rechargeable removable batteries and charger included
  • Hoops take 1 battery each

These cannot be customized or modified.  Looking for custom options?  Check out our Custom Built Atomic V Hoops

Product photos by Melissa Newman